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The concept of the one long term career has been diminishing over time along with the idea and security of permanent full time jobs. In essence this is due to how work (labour) is structured as a resource by organisations and has been led by the exponential growth of technology (automation) globalisation and country context migration. All of these employment market forces impact organisations and so the future of work is that what once was will continue to be impacted, reshaped and restructured which all equates to the results of ongoing change. This means individuals in and at work must adapt to these changes too. So with this in mind how do you see do and perform the work that you do in order to meet these future of work changes & challenges? Particularly if they affect you in this present moment or are in your near future?

It is human nature to resist change and avoid challenges. Employment and the idea of going to work meets basic human needs that include security, safety social, self-esteem and for some self-actualisation in the work they do (see Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs). Work provides a sense of meaning where contribution collaboration and pursuing what is possible at work is energising and purposeful. Overlay needs and meaningful work with the dynamics of change and challenge and suddenly work becomes less meaningful, difficult and a context to navigate. One’s motivation self-esteem and energy to address can decline. Work Aroha provides executive and organisational coaching to individuals at work that support contexts of challenge and change. Coaching one step at a time from good to great, great to greater, working with coachees to step into possibility, re-frame the lens in which they see and do and perform the work that they do for personal and processional success and growth.
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They said it! Testimonials.
Lisa has provided me with many hours of advice and perspective during both employment situations (including navigating complicated redundancy processes) and job search situations. Her ability to listen, empathise, coach and provide concrete advice as to next best steps have always proved invaluable, and a perfect foil for my own ideas, opinions and actions.

I would happily recommend Lisa to anyone with either coaching needs in their current role, or assistance requirements in their hunt for a change in career, as well as all things work/job/career related that fall in between. Small Heart
Lisa has been an incredible coach guiding me to self reflection and truly understanding my goals. She helped me to uncover and demonstrate capabilities I didn’t even know I had. She has always been a calming, supportive influence and has helped me keep balance and focus in moving forward. I was recommended to Lisa and having her as a coach has proven to be an invaluable choice. I have no hesitation in recommending her. Small Heart
Lisa is an incredibly knowledgeable and passionate professional who I have recently had the pleasure of engaging with. Lisa's knowledge on Personal Brand development, career progression and networking led to her being a guest speaker on an international conference call with listeners tuning in across Australasia and Singapore. Lisa delivered a tailored presentation based on research and insights into the pecific company. Everyone on the call expressed thanks for Lisa's eagerness to help and share knowledge. We all gained a lot of insight into the area of personal corporate branding thanks to Lisa! Small Heart
Lisa is a person centered, results focused professional. Lisa assisted me with practical advice, guidance and encouragement and enabled me to self reflect, find the answers within, believe in myself and reach my true potential. She is intuitive, has high integrity and a great blend of intelligence (both EQ and IQ) and empathy.

Lisa comes highly recommended whether you are looking to change careers or seeking promotion within your existing sector.

If you want results then book with Lisa, in my experience the choice to meet with her has had a huge impact on my career pathway. Thank you Lisa. Small Heart
Doing the Map of Meaning workshop with Lisa was a valuable experience for our team. Not only did it deepen our understanding of and connection to each other, it provided great insights into our mahi. As a result of the workshop, I was able to identify a block two of my team were facing. After the session we further discussed ways of resolving it, giving the team members confidence to address the situation, gain buy in and go on to hold a successful co-created project with longevity going forward. Every member of my team commented on how much they enjoyed the workshop and the insights they gained. Highly recommended, especially if you are working innovatively and courageously. Small Heart
Manager, NPO.
Lisa has an extraordinary talent to draw out dormant dreams, abilities and potential that may have been long locked away or even never before realised. Her astonishing intuition is reflected in her natural ability to listen to not only what is being said, but the stories and meaning the words carry with them. I have worked with Lisa in both a group and a one-on-one environment now and have had my expectations exceeded both times. Lisa is truly working in her field of calling and watching her work is an experience in itself. Lisa has primarily worked with me through the Map of Meaning which has proven to be a valuable resource in both my personal and professional life. The MOM will provoke you to assess and reconsider ideas in a way that not only gives you a holistic understand of the idea or issue you are facing, but also leaves you ready to take action. The MOM is easy to use and has helped me gain a better appreciation for my role, my work, and my team. Lisa is a true professional that will leave you nourished and empowered to be your true self and reach your full potential. If you are thinking of booking a session with Lisa, I cannot recommend her enough. Small Heart
S Baker.
Activity involving mental/physical effort in order to achieve result.
noun NZ
The creative force that comes from spirit.
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