Employment Strategist.
In the work you do would you like to strategically create how you can grow from good to great or great to greater? How about accessing the possibility and potential of your work purpose, gifts talents & strengths? And be able to fully act on your work purpose and talents every day as you journey through your employment life? Along with connecting intimately with your authentic personal power? Then welcome to my purpose and passion.

Work Aroha is about coaching you into and within employment contexts, using an International Coach Federation (ICF) coaching framework, I work with coachees to strategically map their employment landscape, understand employment needs & expectations and co-create the strategy and action plan that gets you from good to great great to greater in the work you do.

Employment Coaching provides you with work growth, the ability to navigate complex employment contexts successfully, the freedom to make and back your own decisions that affect your employment and life and maintain a calm centred being throughout. Coaching overall supports you in connecting to your full sense of self, changes limiting behaviours, creates a growth mindset and is the most accountable successful tool for personal professional development.

If you are currently looking for new role, transitioning from an old role, are new to New Zealand (migrating) and looking for work, facing challenging work contexts or employment issues or simply have lost your work mojo then connect with me. Let’s talk Small Heart

Employment Coaching

"Resolve to do each job in a relaxed way with all of your attention. Enjoy and be at one with your work"
Thich Nhat Hanh

"Don't let a mad world tell you that success is anything other than a successful present moment"
Eckhart Tolle

"Personal Power - the permission we give ourselves & the skills we use to do that"
Lani Morris CEO Map of Meaning
They said it! Testimonials.
Hi Lisa, As a new migrant coming from a very different culture background, I was totally lost in the job search. Before meeting you, I went the wrong direction for the job hunting.

You are not only helping me to correct my thought and perspective towards the job search but most importantly is your encouragement to make me think positively towards my future and my family.

I will strongly recommend you to anyone else who is looking for a job(sic). Small Heart
Chez Boon Lim.
I met Lisa Mullions two months after I arrived in Auckland and she was of tremendous help for me since then. I had private sessions with her where she helped me to make practicable job search plans based on my working experience and the New Zealand job market demands. Since then, we were in regular contact and she offered me great advice and suggestions. She has this great approachable and patient personality that in times of frustration and difficulty she gave me great comfort and encouragement. Also, she has great professional knowledge about the NZ job market and the local business culture. I strongly recommend her employment coach service, it is just excellent. Small Heart
My husband and I met Lisa as recent immigrants, struggling to come to grips with the job market in our new country. Due to having joined the search for employment some months before without success, we had started to doubt ourselves and our confidence had taken a knock.

We found Lisa to be professional with an extremely positive and holistic approach, and were highly impressed that she gave us some insight into the market - and ourselves - that we hadn’t thought of.

I then secured employment a few weeks later, and through speaking to Lisa my husband realised that his strength and passion lay in sports coaching. To this end, he has recently started his own coaching business.

We found Lisa to be an inspiring, patient and encouraging coach. So much so that we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to those looking for a step up in their own job search. Small Heart
The personal Map of Meaning session with Lisa gave me valuable insight into the why of why I do the work I do. Understanding the driving factors has helped me separate the personal story from my professional achievement, and made the load of expectation for what I could achieve, (that whole save the world thing) much lighter. I was also able reflect on what I have achieved professionally in a new light, enabling me to see my worth and advocate for this in my contract negotiation. Mapping out both a professional and personal growth path moving forward was a powerful tool for both seeing how the two worlds align, and developing goals for the future. Small Heart
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